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PC Maintenance and Desktop Support


One of the services offered by i-Motion is PC and laptop repair and maintenance. We support and maintain just about any brand and have expanded our knowledge-base to include just about any PC peripheral.

Our expertise includes:


  • Microsoft Windows Server® 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Linux (Ubuntu®, Fedora®, CentOS®) desktops
  • Microsoft Office® XP, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Office 365
  • SME servers
  • Virus removal and Data recovery
  • Office and outdoor wireless installations
  • IP Camera installations
  • Wi-fi Hotspot installations
  • ADSL modem and router configuration
  • and more…

Web and E-mail Hosting


i-Motion offers various web and e-mail hosting services. Our servers include cPanel for an easy domain user interface which you can use once your domain is up and running.

Along with cPanel come many optional extras, including PHP scripting, SQL Database, and a host of other software packages (CMS, Blogs, etc.) which can easily be installed via the Softaculous front-end.

Once your domain is registered we are also able to setup your company’s e-mail using your domain name to ensure you never lose an e-mail again!

VoIP and IP PBX Installation


VoIP and a VoIP switchboard provides significant advantages over a traditional analogue phone system.  Call rates are cheaper, and multiple simultaneous calls can be made and received with significant savings over the “per line” costs associated with an old fashioned analogue system. 

If a temporary home office is required, we can setup extensions to securely accept transferred calls, and make outbound calls as if from the office – only stable internet required.  We provide a complete service including number porting so you can keep your current number, with very low setup costs, and a rental model so you don’t have to spend upfront on hardware.

Network Analysis and Certification


We specialise in network infrastructure and certification.

Is your network being slowed down? Are your network points coming loose or network cables lying around everywhere?

Give us a call for a complete network certification so that we can determine where exactly your main network problems occur. See our Network Infrastructure page for more details regarding this service.

Products and Sales


We can source the products you need at the most affordable prices. i-Motion is registered at most of the leading suppliers in South Africa to ensure the best quality at the best prices. For any quotes or orders please look at our Contact Us page.

Remember, we can source most IT, networking, audio visual devices, PC equipment and software, so if in doubt please give us a call.